Trump says Covid vaccine will be available to Americans by April

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Washington [US], November 14 (ANI):

   US President Donald Trump on Friday (local time) delivered his public first speech since the disputed presidential elections. Giving an update on the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine Trump said it will be available to the entire general population in April next year. “The vaccine will be distributed to frontline workers, the elderly and high-risk Americans… in a matter of weeks” Trump said providing an update on Operation Warp Speed speaking from Rose Garden at the White House. “Our investment will make it possible for the vaccine to be provided by Pfizer free of charge,” he said. This is first public speech ever since Election Day after which Trump has declined to concede the election to President-elect Joe Biden. He had given his last speech on November 5 where he said, “If you count the legal vote, I easily win. If you count the illegal votes, they can try to steal the election from us….I have already won many critical states… massive victories in Florida, Iowa, Indiana, Ohio, to name just a few, we won these and many other states despite historic election interference from big media, big money, and big tech… We won by historic numbers.” He referred to the ongoing polls as “phony”. “We were winning in all key states by a lot, actually, and then our numbers started getting miraculously whittled away, and they would not allow legally permissible observers,” Trump said. Earlier today, US President-elect Joe Biden won the states of Arizona and Georgia which takes the final electoral tally of the US election projected as 306 electoral college votes for the Democrat and 232 for Republican Donald Trump, who won North Carolina. The results were announced by the New York Times, CNN and other networks with the two final states being called on Friday, a week and a half after Election Day.

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विशेष सम्पादकीय – महिलालाई उपप्रमुखको मात्र जिम्मेवारी किन?

 महिलालाई प्रतिनिधित्वमा ल्याउने होइन आफै आउन सक्ने बनाउनु पर्दछ। त्यसैले सबै महिलाहरु सचेत, शिक्षित, जागरुक र सशक्त बन्दै आत्मविश्वास, दृढ ईच्छाशक्ति तथा आफ्नो क्षमताको विकास गर्दै

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बिकास र निकासको संवाहक बनोस – नयाँवर्ष

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प्रधानमन्त्रीको सम्बोधन – न उत्साह, न नै उत्सुकता !

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फितलो कानुन, कमजोर सुरक्षा संयन्त्र

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