Violence in Zambia

जागरणपोस्ट १२ फाल्गुन २०७५, आईतवार १६:४७

I was in Sesheke yesterday and the other day. I have been avoiding to comment on Sesheke for two reasons; number one Zambians are very difficult to correct.

Objectivity is not one of our strengths. Number two, when two elephants fight it is the grass that suffers.

Truth be told both the Patriotic Front (PF) and the United Party for National Development (UPND) are two violent parties. They have been at each others tails and now throats for too long.

Unfortunately their escalating of these fights is getting worse and more militant.

Already they are both planning an Armageddon blood bath at the next two by elections. With the police completely out of the picture now, it is obvious what will happen.

My father told me never to rebuke elders in public. So I shall not point fingers. I will have a private talk with the two people responsible for this violence when I meet them.

When Colonial Masters where in power they butchered UNIP. When UNIP came to power they terrorised MMD. When MMD was in power they almost lynched PF. When PF came to power they have built “walls” of fortification financed by an intricate deep pocket. This periodic cycle will only be
broken by serious hearts of love for nation and forgiveness of even bitter rivals.

One of the great leadership mistakes President Chiluba made was to create a Street Vendors Desk at State House. In America there is a law which demands the separation of State and the Church. I pray for (I shall lobby for it one day) a law that can separate politics from the state in

Paul Kagame has shown us that Africa can rise above its conflicts. Nelson Mandela showed us that hateful feelings could be erased through truth. Odinga and Kenyata had to put Kenya first because those two
were literally playing with Fire Works, Kerosene and Match Sticks in the same pocket while standing on Propane Gas.

I shall not comment about the police and how they have managed (or mismanaged) their affairs.

I am just appealing to the youths of Zambia; we are better than this. They were weapons in Sesheke from both sides. I condemn violence no matter who pedals it.

We don’t need bloodshed in Zambia. We have enough metaphors and ironic (even iconic) sheds of blood as it is. I can’t tell politicians how to behave. I thought that came with the operational manual. But I can encourage youths to redirect their energies to better things.

At the rate things are going, the instruments of power will shift pendulums in the wrong hands and we may soon see civility disappear (whatever is left of it).

Laws must not be prejudiced against a few and presumptive measures taken to advance personal or myopic agendas.

Absolute power still corrupts. Desperation for power still corrupts. Abuse of power is actually evil. In the case where wrongs and rights stand in blared lines, we can learn from history. History never lies.

May God bless our nation. May God bless the youths of Zambia. God has a remnant out there. Stand up for justice and equity.

By- Mubita C.Nawa

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