Joint Statement By Nepali Congress Central Committee

जागरणपोस्ट २४ कार्तिक २०७६, आईतवार २२:१२

The political map recently released by the Government of India designates Nepal’s land Lipulek and Kalapani as Indian territory. The act has drawn our serious attention. The Sugauli Treaty of 1816 signed between Nepal and India, then ruled by the British, clearly establishes that all the territories to the eastern part of Mahakali River belong to Nepal and indivisible parts of Nepal.

To underestimate the reality will not serve anyone’s interest. No one can encroach upon the Nepalese territory. The present-day international boundary of Nepal was set by our ancestors at the cost of their lives. Thus, the act of encroachment of the territory of Nepal is unforgivable to the Nepali people. The incident has stunned, saddened and angered the entire Nepali people.

The government of Nepal should hold talks with the Government of India candidly on this untoward incident. Considering the all-party meeting called by the government on border encroachment as a positive initiation, we would like to urge the government to take an effective diplomatic initiative to resolve the issue of border encroachment at other places including this for a meaningful, results-oriented and lasting manner.

India and China have remained very close neighbours of Nepal for centuries. We firmly believe that both the countries, in keeping with mutual harmony, fraternity, friendship, and cordial relations and the international laws, practice and values should treat their neighbours respectfully. We would also like to remind that humanity, philosophy and our civilization do not allow us to oppress and misbehave with smaller countries using power, coercion and arrogance.

Jai Nepal (May Nepal Live Long) !

Nepali Congress Central Committee Members:

Dr Chandra Bhandari, Dhan Raj Gurung, Kamala Pant, Ratna Sherchan, Gagan Thapa, Badri Pandey, Jivan Pariyar, Guru Raj Ghimire, Pradeep Poudel.

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