The hobbit – an unexpected Journey

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ByRam Lohani//
The hobbit : an unexpectedjourney is a splendid story about a hobbit that goes on a journey that was as the title says unexpected. A hobbit is like a small version of man and is not taller than 4 to 5 feet. There is nothing magical about the hobbit except that it can move quietly if it wants to. There are two kinds of hobbit. One kind lives in the forest. They are wild and uncultured. Another is the hobbit that lives in the civilized society and social and cultured. The hobbit of this story is about Bilbo Baggins, a member from Baggins family, called Bagginese. The Baggineses had lived in the neighborhood of The Hill for a long time. The hobbit thought it was respectable not to go on adventure People thought that they were respectable as they were rich and none of them had ever gone in an adventure, not until one of the Baggineses tried one. The Baggineses were respectable but Bilbo’s mother’s family, The Took, was not much admired. The Tooks were rich but not respectable because they used to go for all kind of adventures.

Bilbo’s adventure started one night as Gandalf the Grey (a wizard) and a company of dwarves arrive at his doorstep and whisked him for an adventure. Even though Bilbo did not want to go in an adventure, Gandalf persuaded him to come with them for an adventure, saying for the sake of his mother and maternal grandfather as he had their blood in his veins. They launched a plan to raid their treasure hoarded by Smaug the Magnificent, a large and very dangerous dragon, and take their home back from him, which was there under the Lonely Mountain. Bilbo reluctantly joins their quest. He was not aware that this journey would lead him to the Misty Mountains where Bilbo would meet Gollum, a frightful creature from whom he would take a magic ring which makes him invisible.
After escaping the goblins of the Misty Mountains, they went into a jungle and as people say, “Out of the frying pan into the fire.” They found themselves circled by wolves that were loyal to goblins. And they are saved by the eagles. They go to Becorn’s hall and as all of their ponies and food had been taken forcefully by the goblins, they borrowed Becorn’s ponies and set off to Mirkwood, a very big and dense forest. Near Mirkwood, they leave Becorn’s ponies because Becorn loves his animals very much. Becorn is a mysterious being and very strong who could be a dangerous enemy if they had taken his ponies forcefully into the forest.

In Mirkwood, they faced another problem, shortage of food and water as there was no water and food in Mirkwood. In Mirkwood, the dwarves were taken by giant spiders. Bilbo saves them using the magic ring that he had kept secret even from Gandalf. Gandalf had already gone away because it was not his journey. But, Thorin, the leader of the dwarves, was not found there. Then a group of wood elves and took the rest of the dwarves away. It was Bilbo’s luck that he was still wearing his magic ring. The wood elves locked them up in rooms, one for each. Bilbo was the only one out with his ring. Bilbo knew that the Lonely Mountain was in the southern direction of Mirkwood. He also knew that the wood elves would send wine in the barrel through the lake to the lake elves. So he made the dwarves hide in the barrel and as the wood elves sent the barrel through water toward the south, Bilbo and the company went same way towards the south. When they reached where the lake elves lived, they received a warm welcome. They asked for the direction to the lonely mountain. That way, they reached the mountain, but they could not find any entrance.

At last, Bilbo found the opening and quickly asked Thorin for the key. Then he goes inside to find the sleeping dragon. He did as the dwarves told him and took a golden cup away from there. The dwarves were congratulating him for his bravery, but as the dragon woke up before Bilbo came out, they stopped their noise. The dragon missed his cup. He started a volcano. He doesn’t know who came and stole his cup. Bilbo was still inside. The dragon smelled something but could not recognize that it was a hobbit. So, he started conversation. Bilbo was trying to say that he himself had come to steal the dragon’s gold. The dragon did not believe it because he had already smelled of the dwarves. The dwarfs worried about Bilbo and therefore, entered inside the mountain. By that time, the dragon had already gone out. He went on breaking and burning houses of the lake elves. He scares everyone. The lake elves’ king killed Smaug, the dragon. After his death, the dwarfs, the goblins and the elves began fighting for who would possess the treasure. The dwarves won in the end, but their leader Thorin and the first and second dwarves in line, Fili and Kili had also been killed. The dwarfs elected a new king for them. The adventure ended and it was time for Bilbo to go back home. The dwarves gave him a lot of gifts for helping them to get back their treasure. At home, though he was not well received, but became richer than before.

I loved everything in this story, specially the conversation between the dragon and Bilbo as the dragon was confused about kind of animal Bilbo was. The character that I liked the most was Gandalf because if he hadn’t persuaded Bilbo to go on this amazing adventure, it would not have taken place. I was pretty sad at the death of the three dwarves. This story is trying to say that it is not hard to change for the better things and that if we try nothing is hard for us. This story is told beautifully. This story is full of adventurous things, some are dangerous while some are not but it makes the reader excited about what is going to happen next. It is also filled with suspense and humor, with all these things put together just makes story wonderful. I think that this book is fit for both young and old people as it doesn’t contain anything unwanted and is funny and enjoyable at the same time. After reading this book you can say that J.R.R. Tolkien is a wonderful writer who can express his thoughts while writing something marvelous.

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