Ruskaya Banya (Russian sauna bath)

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By – Jiba Lamichhane

The Banya rituals in Russia have been in use for centuries. This old tradition is still very popular among Russians. It has been a common tradition these days to build banya room at the summer mansions (дaча) of the rich Russians (новые русские)

The temperature inside the Banya is generally over 90 degrees Celsius. People use special hats to protect head from the intense heat. A special service person called banshick (бaнщик) hits your body with the bundles of leafy branches of oak trees, called bannyi venik (ба́нный ве́ник). People generally go 3 times inside the steam room at an interval of 20-30 minutes. After taking the steam bath, people generally dive in the cold water pool or sit for a while inside a special wooden drum called bochka, full of aroma water. During the break time the bathers relax at other room (predbannik) with tea, beers or other beverages. The ritual is always performed in a group of the good friends as banya is a place for relax and communication. Some informal business meeting may also take place. People practice it throughout the year but it is more popular during the winter time

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It is believed that banya helps to clean your skin, making it very soft and smooth. It helps to remove the harmful elements from the body and cures many more diseases. It also helps to fight with the obesity. Children below 15 and pregnant women are not advised to perform the banya ritual

A soviet romantic comedy by Eldar R’yzanov ‘’С лёгким паром’’ (Enjoy Your Bath) elaborates the tradition of the Russian banya. This movie, released in 1976 still remains one of the highly popular tele-programs in modern Russia

There are numbers of popular sayings about the Russian banya, few among them are:

В котoрый день пaришься, тот день не стaришься. The day you spend in banya can be considered as the bonus day in your life

В бaне помылся-зaново роди́лся. Washing up in the banya is like being born again

В бане генералов нет. All are equal inside the banya room

Бaня здоровит, разговoр весели́т. The banya makes you healthy, it stimulates conversation

С легким паром, дорогие друзья !

Enjoy this wonderful Russian tradition!

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